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Gorge View, Ideal for big groups

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Why this villa?

What is so special about this accommodation that fits your needs?

16 pax occupancy 288.00 sqm
6 bedrooms 7 bathrooms
Villa Antigoni in Eleftherna welcomes you to Crete, offering you unforgettable holidays. 
In the local area of Rethymno heading towards Mylopotamos region, we reach one of the most historical and important villages of Crete, Eleftherna. In Villa Antigoni one enjoy the Cretan cuisine, good home-made wine and local "tsikoudia" combined with Cretan hospitality. We tried to preserve features that comply with Eleftherna's village style.

Accommodation is approved by Greek Tourism Organization with license number: 1041K91002904301.

In detail

Scroll through and discover the villa in detail!

  • Kitchen

    Kitchen You will find the open plan fully equipped kitchen next to the living room area. It contains a large refrigerator, 4 ring stove and an oven, a microwave, dishwasher, a toaster and a filter coffee machine, an indoor dining table and dishes and utensils for more than 16 people. There are also kitchenettes in four of the bedrooms.   See more...

  • Living Room

    Living Room On the ground floor, there is a spacious open plan living room area with satellite HDTV. This area has direct access to outdoor area.   See more...

  • Bedrooms

    Bedrooms The villa has 6 air-conditioned bedrooms. On the ground floor there are four bedrooms, three of them are with 2 single beds and one of them are with double bed. Single beds can be easily set up to be double beds. In addition all bedrooms on the ground floor have kitchenette. On the first floor there are two bedrooms with double beds. All of our bedrooms have access to outdoor or balconies! See more...

  • Bathroom

    Bathroom There are 7 bathrooms in the villa. All of the bedrooms have its own bathroom with shower. See more...

  • Dining Area

    Dining Area The villa has three dining areas, one indoors & two outdoors, additionally there are coffee tables outdoors and mini dining tables in some bedrooms. See more...

  • Barbecue

    Barbecue Fully equipped barbecue area. We will provide you with everything that you might require such as charcoal.   See more...

  • Pool Area

    Pool Area You will find a 40 m² private swimming pool with sun beds, umbrellas and sitting area. The pool also includes a part for children with depth of 0.5 m. See more...

Description of Accommodation

The villa is a 288 sq.m two-story villa, located in a peaceful and quiet village with magnificent gorge view and it is the best choice for two or three friendly families and big groups, as it can accommodate 12 guests in beds and up to 16 people in total, offering all the facilities that you need for your unforgettable holidays!

The villa was in the past a building with five apartments-suites. Nowadays after the renovation in 2012, there is a living-room and a big kitchen in the main house, which means that you can rent the whole building and you can enjoy your holidays with your family and your friends with the advantage that every room can be independent from the rest of the villa with its own bathroom, living room and bedroom.

Indoor layout

On the ground floor, there is a main open plan living, dining and fully equipped kitchen area. Also there are four bedrooms, three of them are with 2 single beds and one of them are with double bed. Single beds can be easily arranged to be double beds. In addition all bedrooms on the ground floor have kitchenette.

On the first floor there are two bedrooms with double beds. All of our bedrooms have access to outdoor or balconies!

Outdoor area

The exterior of the villa features a private garden, barbecue facilities, as well as a big swimming pool, partly separated for children, so they can enjoy swimming with fun and safety. The pool area faces to panoramic view of Ancient Eleftherna gorge which you can feel the dynamic Cretan nature just in front of you!

Amenities of Accommodation

40 m² Swimming pool Fully fenced
Sun beds Sun umbrellas
Charcoal BBQ Dining table
Sitting Area Parking
Satellite TV Free WiFi Internet
Fully Furnished Air condition-Heating
Radio DVD, CD Player
Hairdryer Iron / Board
First aid kit Washing machine
Baby cot Highchair
Fridge / Freezer 4 ring Stove / Oven
Filter Coffee machine Toaster / Kettle / Blender
Microwave  Dishwasher
Complete dishes & utensils Dining Table



Useful distances from the property to places of interest

Heraklion Airport (75 km)

The Kazantzakis Airport in Heraklion and the largest airport in Crete serving domestic and international flights. Easy Jet has flights to this airport. Click here to get directions.

Rethymno City (27 km)

The renaissance town of Rethymno. A historic location where you may find many museums, food and entertainment. Click here to get directions.

Ancient Eleftherna archaeological site and museum (2 km)


Open from Tuesday till Sunday, 10:00 -18:00. Free Entrance

Museum of Ancient Eleutherna
Eleutherna, Mylopotamos
Rethymno, GR–74052 

Tel. and fax: 28340 92501

Click here to get directions.

Chania City (89 km)

A town with shops, restaurants, cafes and bars and a beautiful old town with a huge venetian harbour! (Official website)

Click here to get directions.

Chania Airport (102 km)

The international airport in Chania is the second largest on the island and has exclusive Ryanair flights. (Official website)

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Nearest Beach (17 km)

The nearest Beach to the villa is in Skaleta area.

Click here to get directions.

Traditional Tavern (100 m)

Tavern "Filio" in the village square!

Click here to get directions.

Super Market (10 km)

In Perama Village. 

Click here to get directions.

Bakery (4 km)

In Margarites Village. 

Click here to get directions.

Butcher shop (4 km)

In Margarites Village.

Click here to get directions.

Fishmonger (11 km)

In Perama Village. 

Click here to get directions.

Health Center Perama (8 km)

In Perama Village. 

Click here to get directions.

Pharmacy (8 km)

In Perama Village.  Click here to get directions.

ATM & Bank (11 km)

In Perama Village.

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Area Information

Ancient Eleftherna an excursion that you can't miss!

Museum of Ancient Eleftherna

The Museum of Ancient Eleftherna is worth a visit for discovering and feeling the ancient history of the area.
It is the first museum inside an archaeological site in Crete, as it is located next to the archaeological site of Eleftherna. The three halls of the museum host the whole history of Eleftherna from 3000 BC to 1300 AD with everyday objects and artworks. It is a modern building opened in 2016, approximately 1,800 sq.m. which together with the surrounding area occupies 3 acres and remotely resembles ark that emerges from the earth, gazing Ida (Psiloritis).
It is divided into two wings with the right one on the ground floor for hosting the guards - ticketing area and the Study Centre in the left area of ​​the exhibition halls of the museum. The architectural project was designed on a human scale, related to the natural environment, while at the same time as modern edifice is absolutely distinct and recognizable of the era in which it was created.

The large surrounding area in front of the museum features gardens and tree planting small parking for people with disabilities and especially paved surfaces with special provisions. In large wide in space on the east side of the museum has formed a natural outdoor theater for the holding of events and for the enjoyment of nature. Everywhere there are trees, plants and herbs typical of the Cretan flora from antiquity to the present day which is also the perfect atmosphere to walk around.

Archaeological site of Ancient Eleftherna

Eleftherna (Greek: Ελεύθερνα), also called Apollonia, was an ancient city-state in Crete, which lay 25 km southeast of Rethymno. Archaeologists excavated the site, located on a narrow northern spur of Mount Ida, the highest mountain in Crete.

The site is about 1 km south of todays Eleftherna, in the current municipality of Rethymno. It flourished from the Dark Ages of Greece’s early history until Byzantine times. The city was founded by the Dorians in the 9th century BC. Current archaeological evidence shows that Eleftherna was one of Crete’s most important ancient cities, a capital city of the Geometric and Archaic periods – that is, the periods when the Homeric poems were disseminated and recorded in writing. According to tradition, the city was named after Eleutheras, one of the Kouretes, who protected the infant Zeus by beating upon their bronze shields thus preventing his father Cronus from hearing his cries and devouring him.

Since 1985 The University of Crete makes systematic excavations each summer and the findings so far are many and impressive. The discovery of a double tomb over 2,700 years old which hid more than 3,000 sheets of gold and the first depiction of the bee as a goddess is one of the most important excavations.

Arkadi Monastery

Excursion in Arkadi Monastery - Rethymno Crete with starting point Eleftherna and specificaly villa Antigoni!

In November 1866, 700 women, 287 men (including 25 volunteers from mainland Greece) and 45 monks took refuge in the monastery.

On November 7, Turkish troops, headed by Mustafa Naili Giritli pasha, attached the monastery. The besieged, who were inadequately armed, could not hold back the Turks, who managed to break into the main entrance the next day.

The abbot, Gavriil Marinakis, was killed in the attack. However, a guerilla fighter, Costas Yiamboudakis, set fire to the powder magazine as the Turks entered the western gate, blowing up not only the besieged, but thousands of the Ottoman attackers as well.

This heroic act by the besieged of Arkadi shook public opinion around the world and played an important part in the gradual change of opinion among the European Great Powers regarding the Cretan question.

The Arkadi Monastery is one of the most important and historic monasteries in Crete, and was mentioned as early as the 16th century as an important cultural centre.

Margarites village

Excursion at Margarites village - Rethymno Crete with starting point Eleftherna and specificaly villa Antigoni!

Margarites is 6 km far from the village Anceint Eleftherna.

There are Byzantine churches in this village that visitors can see and admire, like Agios Georgios Church (St. George's Church) since the early 14th century, Agios Ioannis (St. John)Theologos Church since 1383 and Agios Ioannis the Baptist Church. Their common feature is that they have been frescoed.

One of the most important characteristics of the village is the unique feature of locals. They show great interest in artistic issues. Pottery is their primary activity. You can find that out after taking a walk to the village square, where they exhibit their famous products.

Furthermore, Margarites plays an important role in the field of cultural activities within the region of the province of Mylopotamos and the town of Rethymno as well, with the help of its theatrical team “Boudalia”, with plenty successful plays. We must not neglect the fact that within the region of Margarites, visitors can enjoy Cretan Cuisine in traditional taverns accompanied by tsikoudia or local wine.

Having Elefherna as a starting point, one can easily visit other villages, such as Margarites.

Perama village

Excursion at Perama village - Rethymno Crete with starting point Eleftherna and specificaly villa Antigoni!

It's the capital of Mylopotamos province, only 5 kilometers away from Margarites village and 25 km away from Rethymno. Perama is a beautiful town and the most important trade center of the province.You can find traditional taverns, confectionaries, pharmacies, cafeterias, bank branches and other interesting places that you may need.

There is also a Health Center and Mylopotamos Agricultural Cooperative where you can find a wide variety of traditional Cretan products. One of the local cultural events is the annual carnival celebration.

Geropotamos Festival in Perama during summer steals the thunder. Theatrical plays are organized as well as song concerts with singers from Athens. Various folkways are also brought out.

Perama is another important destination for every visitor.

Melidoni Cave

Excursion at Melidoni Cave - Rethymno Crete with starting point Eleftherna and specificaly villa Antigoni!

Gerontospilios, as also called, is very important due to the archaeological findings, some of which are exhibited in the Archaeological Museum of Rethymnon. Moreover, the cave has played a tragic role in the history of Cretan revolution against the Turks, in 1824.

Apart from its archaeological significance, the cave is of great historical importance, since it is connected to one of the greatest unknown tragedies in Greek history. In October 1823, 340 women and children and 30 men from Melidoni village found refuge in the cave, in order to escape the Turkish army that moved in their village for staying during winter. When Hussein Beis discovered their hiding place, he encircled the cave with his army and asked the Cretans to surrender and they refused.

By January 1824, the Turks had made several unsuccessful raids to occupy the cave. So, Hussein Beis decided to block the entrance of the cave with branches and other flammable materials and then he set fire. All the women, children and men died from asphyxiation caused by smoke. In the central hall of the cave, there has been placed an ossuary with the bones of heroes, reminiscent of the drama of Melidoni.

The Cave of Melidoni is located approximately 1,800 meters northwest of the homonym village of Mylopotamos, at an altitude of 220m and on the south side of Kouloukonas Mountain.

Zoniana Cave

Excursion at Zoniana Cave - Rethymno Crete with starting point Eleftherna and specificaly villa Antigoni!

The cave is accessible and is the most beautiful cave in Crete and one of the most beautiful in Greece, with rich stalactite and stalagmite decoration. It belongs to the Natural Park of Psiloritis, which is protected by UNESCO.

It has been exploited for tourism and you will need to pay a cheap ticket. Information on exact ticket prices and opening hours of the cave, you will find on the website of Zoniana. You will need an experienced guide from Zoniana to accompany you, for your safety and the cave, who will give you all the information about the cave.

The route in the cave is signed by metal corridors, fitted with ropes, for greater security. These are accessible even by persons with disabilities.

Cave Zoniana, Sfendoni or Sfendoni's Hole, is located 1km north of Zoniana village in Mylopotamos, about 43km west of Heraklion and 52 southeast of Rethymno. It is shaped on the southern slopes of the hill Halepa at an altitude of 630m.

Anogia village

Excursion at Anogia - Rethymno Crete with starting point Eleftherna and specificaly villa Antigoni!

Hospitable and pleasant residents have to tell a lot of old stories that have marked the tradition and the culture of the village. Anogia is a well-known village historically for its resident's resistance to the conquerors, Turkish and Germans. Today's village has been built three times since it has been burnt down twice by the Turks and once by the Germans.

Anogia also has a great tradition in music and it is the birthplace of great musicians and performers like Vasilis Skoulas, Nikos Xilouris and Psarantonis. Traditional Cretan music can be enjoyed at the village in the concerts which are held in the open theatre during summer, as well as in festivals the two first weeks of August. Moreover, the cultural club of Anogia organises cultural nights and attracts visitors not only from Crete but from other parts of Greece.

The stock farming, the agriculture and cottage industry are the main occupations of the residents. In Anogia you can visit the Folklore Art Museum as well as watch the weaving process and the art of glass manufacturing.

You also have to visit the breathtaking "Nidas plateau" which is 25km away from the village in altitude of 1500m, the observatory at the top of the "Skinaka" as well as the ancient settlement of "Zominthos". The Ideon Andron cave is also worth to visit, where according to Greek mythology Zeus grew up and the area soon became a place of worship as many archaeological findings were found which are displayed in the Archaeological Museum of Heraklion.

Anogia is a mountain village with 2500 permanent residents and is 55 km away from the Rethymno and 36 km from the Heraklion. The name Anogia, means "high place", is connected with the location that is built, in altitude of 700 m. The climate is particularly cold, because of altitude, with snowy weather in winter and cool nights during summer.

Panormo Village

Excursion at Panormo - Rethymno Crete with starting point Eleftherna and specificaly villa Antigoni!

The village retains a warm and friendly, traditional atmosphere; with its narrow streets and bright geraniums it is the perfect place for enjoying the peace and tranquility of Cretan life.

It is also ideal for families with children since its beaches, sand or pebble, are small and its waters shallow.

There is a good selection of  cafes, traditional tavernas, a butcher, a bakery and shops where one can enjoy the local food at reasonable prices.

There is also much to see from the past. Panormo is the site of an old port which was used during Hellenistic, Roman and Byzantine times.

Southwest of the village, the largest early Christian church on Crete was excavated in 1948. The basilica has a wooden roof; it dates back to the 5th century and is dedicated to Agia Sofia.

Panormo, Crete is a small seaside village between Rethymnon (15 min) and Heraklion (50 min) on the Cretan north coast.

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Ancient Eleftherna,
Milopotamos, 74052
T.+30 6947804377

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